Barnwell dogs and pet services

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Dog walking

Barnwell Dogs and pet services offer a dog walking service for all dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs on the walk. Our walks allow them to find and make a friend, enjoy exploring and running in the countryside and have a productive break in their day. We walk in the local Oundle area and make sure they are safe on the walk, away from roads and any livestock or game birds.

Both the active and the not so active dogs will find their like with us, as we walk anything between 6 to 8 dogs at a time and we aim to get the mix right. Dogs of all breeds and temperament are assessed prior to walking with the pack and will be matched with the right group in order to have the best walk.

A trial walk with our pack will consist of dogs that will be most likely to make your dog feel at ease and we will build on that. The majority of the dogs that walk with us have been with us for a long time and we know them well. This allows us to work with and mix the groups to work as a pack.

Pack walks can greatly improve good ‘dog manners’ and can build confidence in dogs that haven't had the opportunity to engage in social interaction, if handled correctly, but we do ask that your dog is of a generally friendly disposition towards other dogs. If you are finding your dog struggles with social interaction, we are able to assess and if we can't help, are able to refer you to some fabulous trainers that will be to help your dog with this