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Other Pet care 

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Dog walking

Barnwell Dogs and pet services offers dog walking for the active and the not so active dog, the old, the young and everything in between. All breeds and temperaments, group and solo walks. I can continue with any training with your dog on solo walks and aim to promote good behaviour on and off the lead, on all walks. 

Socialisation out on walks encourages good ‘manners’, builds confidence and can reduce hyperactive behaviour. Burning off excess energy improves focus and encourages calm  behaviour in the home. ​​


We provide a home boarding service for single and multiple dogs from the same household or family, or dogs that know each other and get on well.  I do require dogs in my care to be child and cat safe. I am also able to look after small pets and exotics, on a home boarding or daily visit basis.

House sitting

If you prefer someone to stay at your home to look after you animals, we can offer a house and pet sitting service. At the moment we have limited spaces available for this service, so please make sure you contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can fit the dates in that you require.

Home visits

Whether it is feeding cats, chickens or gerbils, we are happy to offer this convenient service if you are away.

Barnwell dogs and pet services

Dog walking, home visits, cats, small pets/exotics  and

home boarding 

Small pets and exotics